After days...

“It’s good on your blog?” said the nurse over at Bethel’s diabetes prevention. Her name is Shujin.‘God,’ I thought. ‘I hardly ever consider it; and anyway, whoever has the time?’


She shook hands with forthright power.
What people, these Chinese. To somehow get into the US and with fixed determination get a good job as a registered nurse. And imagine: fluent enough to judge good from my bad writing … and all in a second language!

I guess she is elite; what with the ferocious effort needed to graduate from a Chinese ‘meat-grinder’ university. She’s not alone in her achievement; tens of millions of other Chinese have Shujin’s capacity. Each can easily eclipse the average American of today, what with a full 80% of Americans not being so fit for much. This nurse is very fit … and with the beauty of youth as well.


The Economist magazine tells me this week that China’s Huawei is the biggest communication kit maker in the world, with over 60,000 researchers like our nurse, and 47,000 patents. All founded by one man with $5,000 in the 1987. Rather like Silicon Valley, no?!


This day in Bethel, Shujin, RN, represents nothing less than the greatness of future China.


Me? I still can’t remember how to get into my own blog …. 







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