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America's Preventable Language Extinction

"Is Anybody Listening?"


   Despite the dreadful recent loss of Eyak, no necessary action has yet been taken to check this fast approaching final extinction of Alaska's remaining languages. That is in a mere 3,000 days, or so, by the estimate. These following are among the so gravely threatened; Aleut, Athabaskan, Inupiaq, Tlingit, Tsimshian and Yup'ik.


   The only thing left which can hope to stem this demise, now frighteningly close, is a simple shift to a culture based curriculum. This was developed from eminent peer reviewed research and which was awarded the US Government's highest endorsement. It is believed that this alone can counter this grave eventuality.


   A cultural or heritage based curriculum first focuses, and at core, on every single child's lifelong health. This hardly needs emphasising, not with the US currently slated to reach 100 million cases of diabetes.


   And as for cultural heritage, the foundation here is language. These can be fully defended by the expedient of all person to person interactions being, from the outset, in the historic language in question. [There would of course need to be brief explanations in English for outsiders.]


   Other immersion focuses include environment, social, computer, plus mainstream US history and English, all that, and all else Elders might mandate. This necessary and simple adjustment will soon begin to hold its own against such powerful forces of modernisation, like television, multimedia and so on.


   This culture based curriculum carries an Alaskan name -- Hope from the Land of the Polar Bear. This gives my noble friends a fighting chance, a powerful tool to see off the greatest danger the People have ever faced.



   On a Personal Note:

I call on anyone who loves Alaska to contact me, and then together we turn back this engulfing threat. This is the last broad-based chance for these treasured cultures; a last chance for America's most ancient of heritages. Thank you.





Hope from the Land

of the Polar Bear

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